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Motivational speeches

Sebastien has this ability to speaks his mind in a way that people understands it and then, he can touch them right to the heart. His motivational speech is different then most in a sence that it is a mix of a show and story telling.

He will tell you about the things he lived in order to grow as a man and an artist thus, fulfilling his dreams and ambitions. He will tell you about a dark part of his life where he learn to ask and to get ready to do whatever it takes to change his life for the best and then, how he manage to learn to play piano, to achieve his all time goal of being a famous magician, how he owned a gym for 2 years and became an athlete and also, how he transform himself physically on a 6 months journey of diet and hard work.

And with all those stories, he will show you the results by playing a piano composition for the crowd, showing a video timelapse montage of his body transformation and performing magic and mentalisme. More then just going back home full of energy and motivation, the spectators will also go back with memories of high standard artistic performence that they will talk about for a long time. It’s funny, it’s emotionally touching and it is different!


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